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Digital Bending Bench BGD-5eco Ref.No. 42380

The BGD-5eco sets a new standard for busbar bending with outstanding precision and speed at economical prices. No other bending machine will match it‘s range of features and performance at low entry price levels. Equipped with the essential – Digital Angle Encoder – the BGD-5eco offers unsurpassed simplicity and control with full automatic spring back compensation and bending accuracy to 0.25 degrees.

Consequently it will vanquish any need for trial bends and significantly reduce cost on faulty bend busbars. On top of this, the digital stroke encoder minimizes idle movement for the absolute shortest cycle times. Additional accessories like step or edge benders are also easy and preciseley controlled by the digital stroke encoder. The new integrated hydraulic power pack takes bending speeds to new levels – 11.5 seconds – for a finished 90 degree bend including full automatic spring back compensation.


    • unsurpassed bending features at economic price
    • digital Angle Encoder with precision to +/-0.25 degrees
    • full automatic spring back compensation
    • no trial bends; No set up times
    • digital Stroke Encoder for minimum cycle times
    • supplied with built in high performance 3-phase power pack
    • optional step and edge bending tools for special bending applications
    • tight L-, U- and Z-bends possible
    • portable machine on wheels for ease of use

Technical specifications

Height 1,130 mm
Depth 950 mm
Width 830 mm
Weight 170 kg
Operating Pressure 200 bar
Force 180 KN
Bending capacity max. 160 x 13 mm (6"x1 /2'')
Bending radius adaptors 7.5; 10; 15 mm


Power rating 0.75 kW
Voltage 400 V 3~/50 Hz
Oil flow 3.6 l/min
Cycle time* 11.5 sec.
Cycle time** (repeat operation) 9.4 sec.
Minimum L-Bend 25 mm
Minimum U-Bend 60 mm
Minimum Z-Bend 70 mm

* 90° bend, 120 x 10 mm busbar size, return stroke incl. full automatic spring back compensation
** 90° bend, 120 x 10 mm busbar size repeated operation


Offset-Bending-Tools Ref.No. 31671 (small), Ref.No. 31188 (large)
Two different Offset-Bending-Tools enable very short and 100% parallel offset bendings for your switchgear. One for copper busbar up to 80 x 8 mm (small) and the second for 120 x 10 mm busbar (large).

Flat-Bending-Tool Ref.No. 31221
With our unique Flat-Bending-Tool copper busbars up to 50 x 10 mm can be 90° flat bended. Especially on grounding busbars in the switchgear, many 90° bolt connections can be saved.

Supplementary-Bender-BGD Ref.No.31850
The L-Bending-Tool allows extremely short L-bends with only 25 mm leg length. Thus, even on switchgear with very tight installation space, circuit breaker connections can be made with ease. Indispensable for modern switchgear or panel manufacturers.

Z-Bending-Tool Ref.No. 45470 (small), Ref.No. 45810 (large)
By using the bending extension "Z" special step bendings can be produced. For this purpose we offer two different options. With the smaller step bending tool can be bent a 90° "Z" in copper with a maximum of 120 x 6 mm and an internal dimension (inside to inside) of 27 mm. The larger step bending tool allows bends of a 90° "Z" in copper material with a maximum of 100 x 10 mm and an internal dimension (inside to inside) of 30 mm.


Support for BGD-5eco Ref.No. 43255


Software package "NovoBend"
With our additional software package "NovoBend" bending programs can be edited on any external PC.


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